Benefits of Using Compostable Vegetable Bags Over Plastic Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 31-03-2022 11:37:08
compostable vegetable bags

Have you still been using plastic bags? Are you aware of the issues plastic bags are creating for our environment? If you are not, you must become aware of the harmful effects it is causing and stop the practice of using plastic bags and move to compostable vegetable bags. Compostable bags offer multiple types of benefits and, at the same time, are as good as plastic bags as utility products. Getting to know about these benefits will indeed shift you to compostable bags, and you will stop the practice of using plastic bags.

Top Benefits of Using compostable bags over Plastic Variants

  1. Bad for planets:

Most plastic bags are made of polyethylene, derived from ethylene, extracted from petrol and natural gas. Polythene products do not decompose in the environment and cause issues for animals living on land. Moreover, many countries use the oceans to get rid of plastic bags, which endanger the sea animals’ lives. Overall, the planet is not safe from the use of plastic bags. Companies manufacturing compostable bags or biodegradable produce bags use plant-based starch, which breaks down quickly.

  1. Less Carbon footprint:

Carbon emission is another big issue for our planet. Plastic bags are hard to eliminate, and their carbon emission rate is alarmingly high, especially in the manufacturing process. However, on the other hand, biodegradable produce bags and compostable bags, the process is quite environmentally friendly.

  1. Reduce waste

When biodegradable plastics break down, they create a significant reduction in waste, as a result of which less waste will end up in landfills. With less wastage taking up space in landfills. On the other hand, compostable vegetable bags break down more quickly. Thus, there are fewer overall waste streams to manage.  

This preserves the environment and saves our planet. 

  1. Easy to recycle :

Biodegradable bags can be recycled more easily than plastic bags. Plastic bags are harder to recycle. Recycling plastic material takes more time and financial resources as well.

  1. Suitable for plant life:

If the plastic bags do not decompose in the soil, it is harmful to the plants’ growth.

However, on the other hand, compostable bags break down in the soil and do not cause any issues with the growth of plants. The soil quality doesn’t degrade. With the use of biodegradable produce bags.

  1. Quality:

Compostable bags are as good as plastic bags as a utility, and one can use them in the same way as they do with plastic bags. Generally, there is a belief that carrying bags made from natural materials is not good, which is not valid. If you want to use compostable bags for dog poop, clothes, or groceries, you don’t need to worry; you can find good-quality bags made of natural materials in various sizes and thickness.

Where to buy Compostable Vegetable Bags?

If you are convinced that you want to switch to compostable bags, you must wonder where you can buy the best quality variants. NaturTrust is the best place to buy the best quality compostable bags in multiple colors for multiple purposes. Being in the industry for several years, they have earned esteem reputation as leading compostable bags manufacturer in India. So, when in doubt, trust NaturTrust.


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