Biodegradable Waste Bags V/s Plastic Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 09-07-2021 11:41:25
biodegradable pet waste bags

One of the things that we use now for our pet’s poops is biodegradable animal waste bags. Traditional plastic bags are harmful to the environment as they are made from ethylene, and do not decompose easily. These types of bags contribute to plastic pollution. On the other hand, there are so many benefits of using biodegradable waste bags.

But before we buy or get into it, we must understand the meaning of biodegradable and how it is useful for you as well as the environment.

Meaning of Biodegradable

Biodegradable means getting decomposed or decayed or broken down naturally. Most particularly by the microorganisms, but also due to the factors like light, heat, and oxygen. It can also be defined as getting decayed in such a way that it does not do any harm to the environment.

Though it can be confusing sometimes as we don’t know how much time a bag should take to decompose. There is a major difference between compostable and biodegradable bags.

Biodegradable plastic bags often are still plastic which is added with microorganisms that help in the breakdown.

Biodegradable poop bags

Biodegradable poop bags are used by us in order to throw the poop off our pets. Even the most Environment conscious individual would prefer not to use his bare hands with anything like the decomposition of food or dog poo. And the first thing that comes to our mind is to throw it out using plastic bags. But that is not environmentally friendly and what comes next to our mind is biodegradable pet waste bags. They are used by us as they are environment friendly and break down completely, But do they?

Reality of biodegradable

But the term “biodegradable bag” does present problems. Bags may be marked biodegradable, but they only partially degrade after use and discard since the conditions for full degradation are not right. Or else it could take a long time to decompose. There are many biodegradable animal waste bags suppliers but they should be genuine. Waste bags that you use for pets should be biodegradable even though they might not decompose completely, but still, they are much better than the plastic bags that we generally use.

Advantages of Biodegradable Bags

Choosing biodegradable bags has several advantages such as:

  • Reduce the Carbon emissions: The only biodegradable waste bags of NaturTrust are made of bioplastic PLA and PBAT. Since this is based on plants, the production method produces much less carbon than typical plastics.
  • Reduce wastes: As biodegradable waste bags collapse over time, the volume of waste produced decreases significantly, meaning less waste is deposited in the landfills. Thus, it reduces waste production.
  • Reduces pollution: As biologically degradable waste bags gradually break down, and other natural components eventually degrade and are absorbed. This naturally occurring process will require no forced chemical reaction to initiate the process, hence reducing pollution.
  • Non-Toxic or Non-Poisonous: Traditional plastics are produced using toxic by-products and chemicals, both hazardous and life-threatening. During the breakdown process, it emits these hazardous compounds. During the breakdown, biodegradable waste bags are safe and do not emit poisons or toxic substances, unlike plastic bags.

Conclusion: The use of biodegradable products has various advantages. They are environmentally safe and should be encouraged to adopt them. A sustainable, world-class alternative to ordinary polythene trash bags and suitable for use in all households and industries is the biodegradable waste bags of NaturTrust, biodegradable trash bags and biodegradable bin bags.


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