Increase your brand value through our custom-designed products

At NaturTrust, we believe in helping you with your zero -waste goals and have thus, come up with a fully customisable product range in terms of size, colour, thickness, prints. Our customised products have applications in automobile spare parts packaging, mobile and accessories packaging, handicrafts packaging, home furnishing items packaging, electronics packaging, etc.


Enhance your brand value.

Reach out to more people.

Do cost-effective brand promotion and gifting..

Increase awareness on environmental conservation in your community, neighborhood, city, country, and also the world.

Just inform which style and size you want, and we will make it for you.

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Residential, Office Spaces, & Institutional CafeteriasResidential, Office Spaces, & Institutional Cafeterias

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Event ManagmentEvent Managment

duct details

Product details:

Adherence to regional law and compliance certifications: ensures that the quality of the product is top-notch so the buyer can have complete peace of mind while buying an unadulterated, authentic product.

High strength rendering them leakproof:can easily be used for liquid items without fear of leakage.

Tear resistance and protection against leakage:makes it easy to store and carry the bag without any fear of the bag bursting. The strength of all our bags is tested in our dedicated QC labs.

Waterproof, non-see-through: can be used by banks for securely transporting sensitive and confidential documentation.

High penetration barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores, and mould:can be used for a long period of time without the fear of microorganisms.

Odour prevention:can be used for all types of waste without fear of odour leakage.

Suitable for safe waste disposal:ensures hygienic conditions for waste collectors and composting facilities to ensure no fear of infections or spreading of diseases.

Anti-static property:prevents slippage which makes it easy to be used in bins or containers.

Product inputs free of GMO material:gives freedom from toxic chemicals.


NaturTrust’s bags are made from completely biodegradable and compostable materials such as corn starch, PLA, and PBAT. This combination of materials leads to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to traditional plastics and is also non-toxic, free of GMO material, and contains no Phthalate or Bisphenol A(BPA).
It is unlikely that our bag will start to biodegrade on the shelf, as they are meant to biodegrade only under compost conditions (high heat, humidity, microorganisms, etc.), but the quality of the bag will begin to deteriorate with time, although the ideal shelf life is 12-18 months.
It can be stored in a ambient room temperature with less of moisture.
You can direct this question to specific product page.

Products being biodegradable does not mean that they can be littered. Littering discards of waste irresponsibly and is not a legitimate means of disposal.

The packaging bags are fully customisable. You can have your logo or any other print on the bags and we’ll happily do it for you in the color you want. This will help with your brand identity and will also help you reach out to your potential customers easily.
At the end of life, these bags will go back to nature in the form of organic waste without harming the environment. However, that doesn’t mean you can litter these bags on the roadside. The bags have has to go through an industrial composting facility, where they can be treated to form compost.
We can make the bags fully transparent or opaque based on your needs. We can even customise the color for you.

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