Choose Sustainable & Biodegradable Courier Bags And Save The Environment

Author: NaturTrust Time: 25-02-2021 13:30:36
biodegradable courier bags

If you are wondering why biodegradable courier bags are so popular? Here is your answer. Today, we all know how harmful conventional plastic bags are. They end up in landfills, cause pollution, and kill marine life when dumped in the oceans. However, by making simple changes in our daily lives by replacing plastic grocery bags with eco-friendly ones, we can save our environment. At NaturTrust, our biodegradable courier bags are made from plant-based materials and can help to lessen the problem of plastic waste. By using our compostable bags, you take a giant leap towards being environment-friendly and preserve our planet. 

Do you spend your time searching for a better option like biodegradable courier bags?

Today, we all want to keep our environment clean and healthy one way or the other. Some of us buy compostable courier bags and help save our environment, but sadly most of us buy conventional plastic bags & toss those plastic bags in dustbins and forget about it. In this way, we unknowingly harm our environment more than we comprehend.

Stats show that eight million tonnes of plastics are dumped into the ocean each year. Now, that is a lot of plastics that go into the ocean and kill millions of marine creatures.

So How can Compostable Courier Bags be Our Saving Grace?

Biodegradable courier bags manufacturers today, like us at NaturTrust, offer courier bags that are eco-friendly and chemical-free. Therefore, before using conventional plastic bags, remember you have the opportunity to do something about protecting our planet. Buy our biodegradable bags that only take 180 days to decompose and protect our environment effortlessly. By making little lifestyle changes that won’t even cost you more, you can reduce pollution and live in a healthy environment. 

Why Compostable Courier Bags are a Smart Choice

Using biodegradable courier bags is a reasonable choice because of numerous reasons. Thankfully it does have various advantages and assures a healthy future for your next generation. How? The fact is compostable courier bags are environment-friendly, easily compostable, and affordable. Plus, these courier bags are engineered specifically for protecting the environment, along with giving you an excellent customer experience when you use them. How?

Take a look at how the biodegradable courier bags are the best:

  • Durable and water-resistant:

Biodegradable courier bags here atNaturTrust are long-lasting, lightweight, and tear-resistant. With the guarantee of protection against any leakage, it is effortless and secure to carry the courier bags without worrying about spills or leaks. As the endurance of all these environment-friendly bags is tested in the QC labs, you can be assured of the quality and store these bags stress-free.

  • Customised as per customer requirements:

Our compostable courier bags also have excellent features like printability. Therefore, a broad range of online shopping businesses can use them for packaging their products. The colour of these compostable bags can be customised too, according to your preferences. Plus, these biodegradable bags also come with self-adhesive tapes. Therefore, you can close and secure any product inside in a few seconds.

  • Secure packing plus environmental safety:

Compostable courier bags are not see-through and, therefore, are the best choice for transporting sensitive and confidential bank documents. Moreover, the material it is made from is free from any toxic chemicals as well, which is a bonus. Do you know that among tonnes of plastics waste every year, only 14% is collected for recycling? Well, you do now. Therefore, choose the biodegradable ones for minimising environmental hazards skillfully.  Our courier bags are 100% recyclable and the best alternative to non-biodegradable packing products. Therefore, now it is easy to show your dedication towards saving our planet. So why wait? Take a step towards sustainability now!


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