Compostable Carry Bags: Gift Your Successors A Cleaner And Better Environment

Author: NaturTrust Time: 26-11-2022 09:22:55
compostable carry bags

Carry bags are integral parts of everyday life. For decades, they have been made of various materials. But carry bags made of synthetic plastics gained wide popularity due to their ease of use and flexibility. plastic production reached 0.36 billion tons in 2018 and the growth rate is compounding. further it has been estimated to cross 0.5 billion by 2025 However, alarming global warming and environmental pollution have awakened various authorities to switch to a sustainable alternative. Compostable carry bags offer solutions to current problems from synthetic plastics carriers.

Why are compostable carry bags invaluable against the backdrop of a plastic-ridden world?

Safe Disposal
Compostable plastics are substances liable to microbial action and convert into nontoxic compost that can act as fertilisers. The conversion is safe and does not emit toxic gases except a minute amount of carbon dioxide and methane. Biodegradable bag manufacturers are still striving to upgrade their products for better safe disposal parameters.

On the other hand, synthetic plastic bags are resistant to biodegradation, which refers to breaking down into pieces by microbes. Besides, their after-use disposal and processing setup are inefficient. In the busy world, people need more time to alter and reuse them. In the worst scenarios, plastic bags lay strewn around everywhere.

Consume Less Energy
Fossil fuel reserves are depleting by the year, and many countries are facing an energy crisis leading to inflation. Compostable carry bags offer a solution to the problem as they require less energy for production compared to synthetic plastic bags. Production of about 14 plastic bags utilises the equivalent of gas to drive one mile. In turn, this energy consumption causes air pollution, contributing to global warming.

Prevents Food Chain Poisoning
Since anthropological wastes end up in oceans and landfills, compostable plastics prevent harmful effects on nature as their degradation is safe. Since synthetic plastics are resistant to biodegradation, they physically break into tiny pieces called microplastics. Birds and animals, which graze over land, cannot distinguish plastics and ingest them. On the other end, fishes in the ocean feed on these contaminants, as water bodies have become dumping yards.

Further, these particles seep into the soil and enter plants and trees through their roots. When we consume these plant-based products, fish and poultry animals, the plastic particles make it to our bodies. They interfere with enzymes in our bodies and cause diseases.

Naturtrust’s Compostable Carry Bags

We, at Naturtrust, a leading compostable bags manufacturers in india, make efforts to conserve the environment through eco-friendly products. We offer sustainable world-class alternatives to conventional plastic bags. Our products serve  several facilities, including hotels, retailers, healthcare, municipal corporations, event management, residents, office spaces, and institutional cafeterias.

Specifications of Our Compostable Carry Bags

●  Thickness: It starts from 15 microns.
●Seal: Bottom seal with U- and W-cut gives you options to accommodate material with desired external appearance.
● Bag colour: Available as per your requirement
●Size and capacity: Their bags of dimensions ranging from 8 to 36 inches can carry 1 to 20 kg of materials.
●Customization: You can place orders for compostable carry bags customised by size, colour print, and thickness, as per your requirements. You can also have your products packed the way you want.

Features of Our Products

● Tear resistance and protection against leakage: Strong seal and elastic nature of the material assure customers to use them without fear of bag bursting.
●Long shelf life: It allows multiple reuses and repurposes, such as garbage collection.
●Breathability: The carry bags allow air to pass through them, preventing spoilage of wet materials and subsequent foul smell.
●Free of GMO materials: Though the products involve biological agents optimised for production, Naturtrust ensures to exclude inputs modified genetically.



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