Compostable Courier Bags: Deliver Your Concern For The Earth

Author: NaturTrust Time: 30-11-2022 08:37:09
compostable courier bags

Compostable courier bags are effective replacements for the currently used ordinary courier bags. Given that they are constructed with plant starch and other non-toxic materials, they will significantly alter how your items are packaged. This could bring in a large group of eco-enthusiasts drawn to your business by the superior packaging.

According to a Greenpeace report from 2022, approximately 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging are discarded annually in UK households. Only 12% of this substantial plastic trash is recyclable. Plastic mailbags account for a sizable amount of plastic packaging waste due to the pervasive predisposition towards e-commerce and courier services.

 The bioplastics are used to make compostable courier bags. Since they give the contents a longer shelf life, the bag and the item inside are safe even if you can’t receive or open your package for a while.

Synthetic Plastic: Effects

A polymer—a big molecule made of many monomers—makes up plastic. It indicates that when polymers break, monomers are produced. However, none of these biological things, even microorganisms, can break the plastic.

Plastics find their way to sewage systems, landfills, and oceans if they are not recycled or reused. They don’t undergo chemical alterations because of their crystallinity. However, they deteriorate into tiny fragments due to physicochemical processes such as physical crushing, exposure to sunshine, wind, and oxidation/hydrolysis. Microparticles, which are particles measuring a few micrometres, are the result.

The microparticles seep underground and get into drinking water sources because of their size. They infiltrate the vegetation and, subsequently, the grains, fruits, and vegetables at the top layer of the soil. Microparticles can interfere with enzymes and cause several ailments when they enter our bodies through water consumption.

Compostable Courier Bags- An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Plastic that is susceptible to microbial breakdown is used in biodegradable courier bags. However, they take longer than any other organic waste to process. Compostable courier bags undergo microbial transformation into harmless biomass. Carbon dioxide, water, methane, and inorganic chemicals are decomposition by-products. However, processing is required before using it as biomass due to its  abnormally high metal content. 

Compostable courier bags with unique sizes, colours, prints, thicknesses, and scents are offered by NaturTrust. Customization-related colour dyes and printing inks are completely biodegradable. Bag size is available from 100 mm to 1000 mm. There are bags available in various thicknesses, starting at 10 microns, depending on the product to be shipped.

Unique Characteristics of NaturTrust Compostable Courier Bags

  • Tear-resistant and leak-proof

With compostable courier bags, you won’t have to be concerned about the storage and the bag unexpectedly bursting open. NaturTrust’s bags undergo quality control testing to ensure their robustness and quality.

  • The ability to write and print

You can easily write on these compostable courier bags. You can also print the address and other details to make delivery easy. 

  • Non-GMO components for product input

They don’t contain any hazardous chemicals because they don’t contain any GMO ingredients. This makes recycling quite simple.

  • Self-adhesive Tapes

This makes it convenient to open, put in content, and close.

Compostable Courier Bags- NaturTrust

NaturTrust is among the leading biodegradable bags manufacturer. We are licensed and fully compliant with the law. By focusing on the products’ sustainability, NaturTrust encourages a circular economy. This guarantees that the nutrients we take from the ecosystem are appropriately returned to it. This procedure reduces waste production and pollution while encouraging a closed loop.

NaturTrust Sells the Following Products:

  • Compostable Produce Bags
  • Biodegradable Bin Bags
  • Compostable Dog Poop Bags
  • Compostable Shipping Bags
  • Compostable Plastic Bags

Contact our specialists at NaturTrust to immediately receive your very own biodegradable bag manufacturers and take advantage of our greatest services and products.

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