Switching to Biodegradable Bin Bags – Why Make the Change?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 27-07-2022 10:56:00
Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Do news headlines like – “environmental crisis,” “Global warming is a global warning,” and “Plastic bags – Promoting Sustainable generation or the end of a generation” scare you and make you wonder about the coming generation? Want to do something sustainable and on your part for Earth? Then make a switch today with biodegradable bags and embellish mother Earth. Your all-time savior from Mother Earth’s wrath.

Why Biodegradable Bin Bags?

Finding an eco-friendly and environmentally comforting garbage bag that is better than plastic is now made possible because of biodegradable bin bags. Switching to biodegradable bin bags can be your next step toward being environment savvy because-

  1. Relatively eco-friendly – These bags are ultimately eco-friendly as they degrade or decompose faster than your regular plastic bags.
  2. Better than the other plastic alternatives – Biodegradable bags or biodegradable bin bags are better than cloth or paper bags. As manufacturing paper bags also require deforestation, making it a mediocre alternative. When comes to cloth bags, they take a longer time to decompose than that biodegradable bin bags.
  3. Complete breakdown – biodegradable bin bags do not only decompose relatively faster than plastic bags or their alternatives but also break down completely. This is because such bags are usually made of crops. Came from the Earth and mingling in it, isn’t it amazing?
  4. No polymerization – The reason plastic bags or polyethylene bags take more than thousands of years to decompose is that they are created by a chain of polymers. They are made of petrochemicals like polyethylene which creates greenhouse gases. While biodegradable bags are also produced using petrochemicals, they are manufactured distinctly. They are usually photo or oxo-degradable plastics.

After reading the above points, there must be a question striking your brain nerves. The question is, if biodegradable bin bags are so better, why aren’t they used mandatorily, and why still the plastic garbage bags reside in the market?

Besides the superlative upside to the bags, their only downside is that they need a huge amount of water and pesticides to grow as crops. Also, if decomposed with insufficient oxygen, they might create methane gases. Despite such reasons, biodegradable plastic bags are also a better hand at garbage disposal.

Compostable or Biodegradable Bags – Which to Choose?

Whenever you hear the name biodegradable trash bags, the other unannounced name that pops up is compostable bags. Both are so similar yet so apparent, ironic, aren’t they?

  1. Both are made of plant products. Biodegradable plants (crops) are grown via extensive irrigation and pesticides. Compostable bags are made out of plants like corn etc.
  2. Compostable bin liners should only be used when the disposal is outright done to the commercial composting site as they start degrading faster. When the disposal is to be done at landfills, biodegradable bin liners become a better choice.

Rely on NaturTrust for High-Quality Biodegradable Bags

Have you decided to contribute your bits to the environment and switch to biodegradable bin bags? Welcome to the community! However, if you are unsure where to buy quality eco-friendly bags, look no beyond NaturTrust. We have been in the domain for years, manufacturing biodegradable bags for multiple purposes. Our most popular products include biodegradable food waste bags, bin bags, produce bags, shopping bags, and more. Want to know more about our products? Contact our experts today.


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