Compostable Plastic Bags: How Do They Decompose?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 28-06-2022 13:07:44

Over the past few years, we have seen an increased shift to the usage of compostable bags, and this has been quite good for the environment. Most of you would know that one of the major reasons we tend to use compostable plastic bags is because, unlike the other variant of plastic that stays on the earth’s surface for years and causes toxicity, that is not the case with the compostable options. Hence the best thing to do in this case is to shift to the compostable option. However, have you ever wondered how these Compostable options decompose and why they do not cause any harm to nature? Well, this is exactly what we will talk about today, which will make you shift to this option if you haven’t already.

How Do Compostable Plastic Bags Decompose in Nature?

Compared to the normal plastic bags, you will see that for thousands of years, the plastic lies on the earth’s surface and does not decompose under any natural conditions. In that case, it becomes very important to shift and choose the compostable plastic bags, which are always a better option to consider. But how do these bags decompose? The most important thing to discuss here is that compostable bags are made so that they can easily be broken down by natural organisms. These organisms include fungi, bacteria, water, and even other microorganisms. However, that is not the case with plastic, which makes the most difference. When the compostable plastic bags are dumped, the action of the natural agents is quite active, ensuring the bags are decomposed very easily.

Another question that many people tend to ask is whether these bags are decomposed in landfills. Always ensure that when you purchase compostable plastic bags, they have a label on them that can be decomposed easily in the landfills. It is a mistake many people make, particularly if they are first-time buyers and do not know about the same. Most of the bags we buy ultimately end up in the landfill, so it is very important to make sure that they can decompose in the landfill.

No matter where you dump the compostable plastic bags, the ultimate action you can expect is that they will get decomposed, which happens with the action of the natural agents. Unlike plastic, it stays at the earth’s surface and causes more damage. However, always make sure that you make the right purchase, which is of superior quality and suffices the purpose.


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