Save Planet from Plastic Pollution – Switch to Compostable Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 31-08-2022 06:45:36
compostable produce bags

If you have noticed in the last few years, you can relate that the detrimental effect of using plastic bags regularly is catastrophic. But in that case, what should be done, and how can we ensure this is no problem anymore? We would always suggest that making a sustainable decision is very important indeed, and hence making minor changes is very important indeed. Using plastic might be very easy, but at the same time, the way we use it regularly is proving to be very difficult for nature indeed. Plastic pollution is real, so taking up small initiatives is very important. One of the most important options we can provide in this case is to shift to biodegradable options, and what better than compostable produce bags?  

Reasons Why You Should Shift to Compostable Bags:

 Some of the most promising reasons why you should make the switch and shift to compostable bags: 

  1. Easily Compostable: One of the most important reasons we always advocate you to use compostable bags is because, unlike plastic bags, you do not need to worry about whether they will continue to remain on the surface of the ground or not.
  1. Good For Nature: Compostable bags are also very good for nature because they do not emit harmful substances, which could also be detrimental in the long run.
  1. Durability: Finally, we have to say that compostable bags are great for the factor of durability as well, and hence you can use it in the longer run.

How Long Do Biodegradable Bags Take To Decompose?  

While using compostable produce bags or biodegradable food bags, the basic question is how long does it take to decompose, and why has it become so promising with time? One of the major facets of using these bags is that they break down very easily in the environment, and hence they can be great for the long-term impact. Biodegradable bags are said to break down gradually in about three months, and hence, compared to plastic bags, these are much more sustainable as well. However, make sure that the variant you choose is truly biodegradable and does not harm nature more than usual.


Do Compostable Bags Compost on Their Own?

As you might have understood from the description, the basic material which is used to craft the bags is completely natural. However, at the same time, make sure that it comes in contact with other materials, which helps it break down very easily. Some of the most common domains where it decomposes very easily are when it is ground up and sent to a composting facility. It is also seen that sometimes these add to the nutrients of the soil and hence help curb plastic pollution to a great extent.

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