Start Using Compostable Bin Liners for a Sustainable Environment

Author: Manish Dhasmana Time: 15-11-2022 12:27:49
compostable bin liners

Compostable bin liners are used to minimize waste from landfills. Everyone likes having a tidy home, particularly the trash bin. Plastic bags have been the most popular solution, but it’s time to switch to compostable bin liners due to the rising concerns over environmental degradation. Plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose. At the same time, bin liners get composted within a few days due to air, heat and moisture exposure.

How to Fix the Environmental Issue?

Household waste generally contain organic materials, which can be easily composted. NaturTrust offers a wide range of compostable bin liners of all sizes that can be used to compost organic waste and mark your contribution towards a green and clean environment.

What are the Ingredients of Compostable Bin Liners?

Compostable bin liners by NaturTrust are made of eco-friendly products. These eco-friendly liners are the best and most sustainable options for throwing garbage. The ingredients used are corn-derived polymers which are entirely natural. They get mixed with PLA and PBAT to enhance the ability to compost. Even the bin liners are printed with water-based and non-toxic inks.

Some Steps You Can Take to Stop Using Plastic Bags

1.    You can say no to plastic bags even if the shop owners offer them. You can carry eco-friendly bags in your car whenever you are shopping. You can also use bags made of clothes or natural products such as corn starch. Such bags showcase your responsible attitude towards mother nature.

2.    You can buy compostable bin liners from NaturTrust, a leading manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable bin bags and compostable bin liners. Each product here gets developed following the clients’ needs while prioritising eco-friendliness. You can check the range of eco-friendly bags and other products on the company’s website.

3.    You can ask the supplier about the bag composting method and the garbage it contains. The experts will guide you to the best composting solution that will take your stress away and help you find the best way towards composting.

Buy from NaturTrust for the safest approach to garbage collection with eco-friendly products:

Certified products: NaturTrust professionals adhere to compliance certifications and regional law, which ensures that the buyer gets the best quality products without any issues in his mind.

Leakage proof: Robust and sturdy manufacturing process of the products make them leakproof, and they can be easily used for all sorts of food waste without any fear of contamination and leakage. Bags are checked in QC labs and then launched in the market. They are easy to carry and store without any fear.

No bacteria anymore: When you buy compostable bin liners from NaturTrust, it is shielded against viruses, mould, spores and bacteria. You can use the bags for a long time without fearing the growth of microorganisms.

Safe waste disposal: Hygienic parameters and composting nature ensure that there is no fear of infection and disease spread while using these bags.

Anti-static property: There is no fear of slippage, which makes it easy to use in containers or bins.

Non-toxic property: These bags are made of natural products, which make them free from toxic elements, and no hazardous concern is associated with them.

If you want the best compostable bin liners or any other biodegradable bin bags, then visit the website of NaturTrust and place an order online.



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