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We meet the commitments on time, within the best cost parameters and the requisite quality.



Every time, on time is our motto to staying consistent with our attributes.



We are transparent with respect to costing, social and legal compliances, as well as dealing with nominated vendors.



We reprioritise early deliveries, rework commercials, and make changes in shipping instructions. Thus, we become not only your transactional profiteers but also your partners.

Our Strengths


Legacy of 40 years

We follow Holostik’s 40+ years of legacy and business values of ‘doing things the right way’.



We practice certified compostable packaging to help with sustainability goals.


R&D and Technology

We focus on new product developments with our latest technology and world-class research and development.

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    NaturTrust is a part of the Holostik group which has over four decades of experience in credible and reliable business that cares about the customers. With technological innovation, a global network of partners, transparent functioning, dedicated research and development units, and a wide range of products, NaturTrust is the new revolution in creating products that are technically brilliant and environmentally sustainable.
    Our products are suitable for use in multiple industries for various purposes. Our garbage bags are fit for use in household, industrial, and municipality waste management, Our carry bags can be used for retail, HORECA, and online food delivery. Our poop bags can be used for pet waste management. Our apparel bags can be used in the garment industry to cover the garments of different sizes and patterns. Also, our PPE kits, head covers, and shoe covers are suited for use in medical essentials, and our courier packages can be used by E-commerce companies. Check out our full range of applications and products here.
    NaturTrust has several advantages. Our strategic location helps in delivering products from the factory to the port and then the final destination, all with ease. Sourcing from NaturTrust takes 15-20 days less than sourcing from our competitors, and our products have assured quality. We have world-class machines and equipment, a proper system to track and process each order, and competitive price since we have a team of experienced and cost-effective labour. Also, the backing and guidance provided by the Holostik group give us the ability to manufacture a wide range of products on a vast scale. With such enriched roots and a vision for a greener future, NaturTrust utilises management skills, operational excellence, and its ability to scale, to bring the best products.
    The biggest benefits of sourcing from NaturTrust, based out of India are that we have a brilliant bunch of people working together on advanced operational techniques for developing, and testing the most innovative products, people who have a passion for creating sustainable products for the environment. Also, India provides labour cost-competitiveness. At NaturTrust, we sincerely adhere to the government guidelines of adequate wages and also have encouraging policies for compensation and bonus. Our factories are the storehouses of quality equipment. With the Holostik group’s 40+ years old legacy of caring for the customers, we bring the right amount of care and transparency for your business.
    We have an installed capacity of 2000 tons per year. Also, we have great capabilities to add up machines and have an extensive expansion plan for the future.
    We are a part of the Holostik Group, which is a privately held company.
    The Holostik group has eight manufacturing units spread across India and abroad, including NaturTrust which is in Greater Noida, India.