At NaturTrust, we are acting today to sustain tomorrow for our future generations.

About Holostik Group

Holostik Group was incorporated in the year 1978 and has been consistently grown to become an established conglomerate in the global market. We are self motivated, enthusiastic and truly committed towards the accomplishment of overall organizational goals. Our professionals work hand in hand with the clients to ensure speedy accomplishment of their solutions.
At Holostik Group, our exceptional achievements narrate the story of our determination to succeed and our passion to win. We have spread our business wings into diverse industrial sectors over the years and have achieved a considerable amount of success in all.

About NaturTrust

For the past four decades, Holostik has revolutionised counterfeiting solutions and established a credible business that cares about customers. At NaturTrust, we carry forward the ethics and integrity of the Holostik group and create sustainable products that impact the world. We believe in utilising innovative technology to create world-class, certified, biodegradable, and compostable packaging which does not harm the planet. We provide cost-competitive, eco-friendly alternatives for industries such as retail, HORECA, fashion, health, and e-commerce. With regional certifications, state-of-the-art solutions which are global benchmarks, strong ethics, and research and development, we move towards a sustainable future.

Who we are

NaturTrust is a part of the Holostik group which has over four decades of experience in doing credible and reliable business that cares about customers. With the latest technological innovation, a global network of partners, transparent functioning, dedicated research and development units, and a wide range of products, NaturTrust is the new revolution in creating products that are technically brilliant and environmentally sustainable.

Why we exist

Over the past few decades, plastic pollution has been on the rise. At NaturTrust, we commit to sustainability, to a greener planet, to a cleaner environment. We pledge towards making sustainability a way of life. Our range of products helps make every daily chore, every major milestone, become environment-friendly.

Values and Commitments

We believe in taking responsibility and action towards a greener future. Our values include being true to self, society, and the environment. With continuous research and development and strong ethics, we commit to innovating sustainable products on a large scale so as to impact the environment in a positive way.

Our Expertise

We are the manufacturers of world-class certified compostable products such as bags, tableware, and medical supplies for industries such as Retail, HORECA, and the Medical Industry. We also provide coated paper that is eco-friendly and can be used to line tableware, cartons, dairy containers, paper bags – basically everything that uses plastic as a coating.

Plant details

Our plants have state-of-the-art infrastructure leading to our products being of the premier quality. We have end-to-end facilities for manufacturing our products as per the law and regional standards in the customisations as demanded by the customer. From film extrusion to printing to cutting and sealing, as well as working with a skilled workforce and world-class quality control labs, we make sure that each batch of products is dispatched only after multiple quality checks.

Capacity, Supply Chain

At NaturTrust, we have an installed capacity of 2000 metric tons and we are planning to triple this within a year.
We source our raw materials from reliable partners and store them at our manufacturing facilities. Our strategic location helps us process the orders quickly. For domestic orders, we transport the supplies through the road. For international orders, we complete logistics and formalities and transport by either water or air.

Our Approach

We know that creating a sustainable future seems like a daunting task. But someone has to make a start. At NaturTrust, we constantly engage in research and development, to build innovative, ethical products that make a change today and create a long-term impact tomorrow. We create state-of-the art solutions that are global benchmarks for we believe in being the front runner – in thinking right and thinking ahead.

Our Leaders


Group Chairman and Managing Director, Holostik Group
Chief Mentor, Holostik Group

A management post-graduate from Banaras Hindu University, 
Mr. Umendra Kumar Gupta brought the Holostik group into inception in1978 and has since, revolutionised the hologram and anti-counterfeiting industry. He has been serving on the board of directors since 1993 and under his visionary leadership, the Holostik Group has marked its deep footprints on anticounterfeiting products and services, real estate, and logistics, aroma chemicals, and essential oils, through five companies. He has established the company’s flags worldwide by serving 75+ countries globally and has made Holostik the world’s largest producer of security holograms.

Ankit Gupta

Joint Managing Director, Holostik Group
Founder & CEO, NaturTrust

An alumnus of Harvard Business School, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), Ankit has been serving on the board of directors since 2005. As a second-generation entrepreneur, he believes in portfolio management with the correct approach. A firm believer in creating a more sustainable and long-term impact on society through innovation and technology without compromising on ethical values and principles, Ankit is supporting and mentoring multiple start-ups as the Board of Patrons for the AIM Smart City Accelerator Program.

Shobhit Gupta

Joint Managing Director, Holostik Group
Head-International Business (HIL), Holoprint, United Multichem

Shobhit has been serving on the board of directors since 2007. He has earned a degree in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and has pursued an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada. He has 10+ years of experience in international marketing and is responsible for exports of Holostik products and solutions.

Shobhit is the person behind all successful international joint ventures, exports, development of new technologies for product up-gradation, and establishment of cordial business relations overseas.

An efficient team player, a quick decision taker, and a fore-runner in all international assignments, Shobhit has marked Holostik’s presence as an international leader in anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Our Team


Sachin Kumar

Head – Strategy & Operations



DGM – International Business



Manager – International Business




Manager – International Business


Manish Dhasmana

Performance Manrketing Manager



Marketing Communication


Dhruv Verma

Management Executive- Presale & Lead Management


Ajeet Kumar

Deputy Manager – Quality


Ankit Sharma

Supply Chain Executive


Region-wise certifications that NaturTrust products have are as follows: