Biodegradable Compostable Films

NaturTrust Films are used for packaging various products for different industries. A converter needs a film to make different kinds of bags for various applications. They can be used for a wide range of scenarios and are comfortable and easy to use. They are a sustainable choice for a greener environment, given they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Corn Starch, PLA, PBAT


Availiable as per requirement


Starts with 4 inches to 56 inches


Available as per requirement using biodegradable certified inks

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Customised size, colour, print, thickness.

User Industry

Bag ConvertersBag Converters

Product details:

Adherence to regional law and compliance certifications: ensures that the quality of the product is top-notch so the buyer can have complete peace of mind for buying unadulterated product

No Bisphenol A: Safe for kids

Lightweight: not cumbersome to carry, can be used in a wide range of scenarios

Grease and oil-resistant: no slippage.

Product inputs free of GMO material: gives freedom from toxic chemicals


NaturTrust’s tableware are made from completely biodegradable and compostable materials such as corn starch, PLA, and PBAT. This combination of materials leads to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to traditional plastics and is also non-toxic, free of GMO material, and contains no Phthalate or Bisphenol A(BPA).
It is unlikely that NaturTrust’s films will commence biodegrading on the shelf. The films have been designed and manufactured in such a fashion that they will biodegrade only under compost conditions including high heat, humidity, and presence of microorganisms. However, over a long period of time, rare cases of minor deterioration in the quality of the tableware might happen.
They can be stored anywhere, without problems.
You can direct this question to the specific product page.

We have a dedicated Quality-Check team that checks the quality as well as other properties such as strength, and durability, at every stage.

During the respective processes, we do the following checks:

1. Film Extrusion process: Tear strength, Gauge variation, Width, Gusset.
2. Printing: Color variation, Missing spots, Pattern, Design.
3. Bag Making: Size, Printing pattern cutting, Weight holding capacity, Leakage, Seal strength.

The quality of our medical supplies can be ensured by checking our compostability certifications. Our website gives you a walkthrough of the relevant certifications.

Products being biodegradable does not mean that they can be littered. Littering discards of waste irresponsibly and is not a legitimate means of disposal.
Our films are fully customisable. You can choose to have your logo or any other print on our films and we’ll happily do it in the color you want. This helps your brand identity and also helps reach out to your potential customers easily.
At the end of life, this bag will go back to nature in the form of organic waste without harming the environment. However, that doesn’t mean that these films can be littered on the roadside. The films have to go through an industrial composting facility, where they can be treated to form compost.
In an industrial composting facility, NaturTrust films will biodegrade in 60 to 180 days.
NaturTrust films are made up of a mixture of various raw materials such as PLA, starch blend, etc.
Medical supplies are made of a mixture of various raw materials such as PLA, starch blend, etc.
NaturTrust films are industrial composting certified and need to be properly disposed of in industrial composting facilities.

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