Why Choose Biodegradable Products?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 25-05-2021 12:57:09
biodegradable cups

The use of bio-degradable products has been increasing because of its several advantages. It’s important to create more awareness to use bio-degradable cups, bio-degradable bags, bio-degradable bowls, bio-degradable tableware, and much more. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose bio-degradable products.

  • Bio-degradable Products are Harmless to the Environment.

Bio-degradable products made from bioplastic helps conserve the environment. The manufacturing process of traditional plastics includes heating and treating oil molecules until they turn into polymers that are harmful to humans and animals. It is observed that polymers do not decompose easily, and hence traditional plastic bags or products when eaten by animals cause health issues. Bioplastics are made from natural sources such as crops which encourage the saving of petroleum oil and it is harmless to humans and animals.

Biodegradable cups, bowls, and tableware products can be easily disposed off and get decomposed into the soil.

  • Pollution-free.

As bio-degradable products can be recycled, it automatically reduces the waste produced, and they are considered eco-friendly. According to a recent survey, approximately 13% of our current waste stream is accumulated by plastic, a total figure of 32 million tons of waste each year. Only 9% of that amount is utilized in recycling programs. This problem can be resolved by using more bio-degradable products.

Recycling also helps to lessen landfill problems. The obtained bio-waste can be used as compost or as a source of renewable energy for biogas. They are considered to be non-toxic since they are made from corn and starch.

  • Reduction in Carbon Emissions.

Since bio-degradable products are made from natural polymers, they produce very fewer carbon emissions while decomposing.

We are at a stage where the greatest effects of carbon emissions are observed. Plastics is one the most used materials which produce carbon emissions on a large scale. It’s time we switch to bio-degradable products to decrease carbon emissions.

  • Requires Less Energy to Manufacture.

The process through which biodegradable bowls and cups are made is quite simple, and it consumes less energy than traditional plastic, metal bowls, and cups. The process uses 65% less energy to manufacture a similar-quality bio-degradable product.

Our energy sources are depleting rapidly, and we are at the edge of exhausting our fossil fuels. Using bio-degradable products is a small step to save our energy resources.

Support Biodegradable Cups for Better Future

Bio-degradable products have proven to be safer than traditional plastic products. Hence, they have been declared a better alternative that will help sustain renewable resources for future generations. It is considered to be one of the best eco-friendly solutions.

Since the use of biodegradable products has many advantages, numerous companies are adopting and promoting bio-degradable products. The goal is to attain a sustainable environment, conserving nature, and creating a better living world. We are one of the best biodegradable tableware manufacturers.

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