Reasons to Opt For Compostable Garbage Bags Over Traditional Trash Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 20-01-2022 10:44:38
compostable garbage bags

Many buyers are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprints as they become more aware of concerns such as ocean plastics and overflowing landfills. Switching from heavy-duty plastic trash bags to compostable garbage bags is a simple approach to making your home more environmentally friendly. These bags are considered ideal for everyday usage because of their prime advantages over traditional options. NaturTrust’s compostable bags are made from organic materials like Corn Starch, PLA, PBAT that can be decomposed by bacteria or other living beings. 

Why are Traditional Trash Bags Threat to Environment?

You may have heard how critical it is to dispose of garbage in a biodegradable manner. The issue is that most waste is disposed of in traditional ways (in plastic trash bags). 

It implies that any waste caught in the plastic garbage bag will not biodegrade, which is one of the issues with waste ending up in landfills. Because, traditional garbage bags are composed of plastic, they do not biodegrade. And, when it is considered how many traditional trash bags are used it only becomes worse. Traditional plastic trash bags are used by 313.8 million Americans, while on a global scale, the number of single-use plastic bags has reached one trillion, which is anticipated to rise. 

For garbage to degrade organically, three things are necessary – moisture, heat, and oxygen. If any of these elements are missing from the waste bag, it will either not biodegrade or take considerably longer than it should. Now you understand that waste enclosed under plastic bags does not decompose easily. Even if these traditional trash bags break down, they don’t disappear completely but get converted to microplastic. These tiny microplastic particles even drain into land and cause soil pollution. In the worst conditions, microplastic can be hoisted by rain and shoved into the water system, which can lead to further damage. Therefore, it is very essential to use compostable trash bags in place of plastic ones. 

Major Benefits of Using Compostable Garbage Bags

While biodegradable merely refers to an object’s ability to decompose in the presence of bacteria or other living organisms, compostable refers to the ability to decompose in aerobic surroundings with appropriate temperature and humidity controls. Being one of the leading compostable bags manufacturers in IndiaNaturTrust produces compostable bags which are not just better for the environment, but also cost-effective. Some major benefits of our compostable trash bags are: 

  • These bags are designed to meet industry standards and are regulated by the government. 
  • Unlike plastic bags, compostable bags can break down over time on their own. The process is much quicker in industrial compost facilities. 
  • These bags emit less greenhouse gas, which further reduces the amount of carbon released as they decompose.
  • Compostable bags are a great alternative to pet waste bags. These are thick and hence smell and leakproof as well. 
  • Like traditional bags, compostable bags are also available in different sizes, colours and capacities to meet the users’ requirements. 

What is The Thickness of Compostable Garbage Bags?

The majority of compostable bags are derived from corn-based polymers, such as polylactic acid blends. These bags are currently as sturdy and dependable as traditional plastic bags (mainly polyethene). To be very precise, the thickness of compostable bags starts at 15 microns, which can be customized based on users’ requirements.

Why Choose NaturTrust Products?

NaturTrust compostable bags break down into little pieces, making it easier for them to be called environment lovers. From biodegradable trash bags to shopping bags and biodegradable cutlery to shoe covers, we have got everything under the same roof for our environmentalists. 


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