Traditional Plastic Carrier Bags vs. Compostable Carrier Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 28-02-2022 13:28:36
compostable shopping bags

The name of plastic always comes up first when talking about substances created by humans that threaten the environment. One of the most used products made of plastic is a traditional plastic bag. Although one cannot deny that they have been useful for human races for many decades, 

It is also true that they are not good for the environment. Plastic bags do not get decomposed back into the environment, and they are specifically bad for marine life. But compostable carrier bag manufacturers use plant-based material and oil. In terms of usability, compostable bags are not far behind plastic bags and often outperform them.

In this blog, let us examine the differences between biodegradable bags and conventional carrier bags in depth. 

Traditional Carrier Bags

As mentioned earlier, plastic carrier bags, especially single-use plastic, are a major cause of worry for our planet. Each year, the plastic waste produced worldwide exceeds 365 million tons. These materials end up in rivers, oceans, bins, and garbage disposal grounds. But the issue with plastic is that if you bury it in soil, it takes thousands of years to decompose. Moreover, throwing them in the ocean releases toxic substances and becomes an issue for marine life. Animals in the ocean ingest toxic substances from plastic waste or get strangled by them. 

It is also true for land animals; they suffer the same fate. Even if you burn traditional plastic shopping bags, toxic gasses are released, leaving a harmful impact behind. 

There have been various attempts to ban plastic bags and/or impose a fine on their manufacture or use, but none of them have fully succeeded. There is the persistent use of plastic bags worldwide, and the problem has been that most people don’t know about alternative compostable shopping bags. Many people are unaware that they are as good as plastic bags and are not harmful to the environment.

Compostable Shopping and Carrier Bags

Biodegradable shopping and carrier bags are better for our environment since they can be disposed of easily into the environment by natural means. Microorganisms like fungi naturally decompose them into the environment. Compostable bag manufacturers use the following material to produce compostable carrier bags:

● Fats from vegetables

● Starch from potatoes

● Wheat starch

● By-products of agriculture

● Reused plastic waste

● Oils from vegetables

● Corn starch

Another benefit of compostable carriers and shopping bags is that since they do not use any types of carbon-based polymers during their manufacturing process, they do not release harmful effects back into the environment when they decompose.  

Even in usage, they are as strong as plastic bags and offer the same level of utility as plastic bags. Therefore, the general masses need to become aware of the benefits of using biodegradable carrier bags and compostable carry bags. We can create a better planet for future generations if we use more eco-friendly options. In addition, there are no compromises no matter how you look at them.

Where to Get the Best Quality Biodegradable And Compostable Carry And Shopping Bags?

Prospective buyers are always concerned about the quality of the product, and eco-friendly bags are no exception. A person who chooses to use biodegradable bags will still demand good quality. Don’t fret; NaturTrust is here to help! You can connect with the experts from NaturTrust to order top-quality biodegradable compostable bags for different needs. One can find a wide array of options in compostable carrier bags at attractive prices. Get in touch with us to experience quality and contribute to nature for future generations by shifting to eco-friendly bags.


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