A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Compostable Produce Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 27-07-2022 10:18:23
Compostable Produce Bags

Tired of using plastic bags when buying anything? Wanting to switch to alternative plastic bags to help save the environment? The posters of “save the earth, save us” instigating you to do something for your planet and become environment savvy? Well, make a switch in your lifestyle today with biodegradable and compostable produce bags. Let’s understand what these are and how to choose right of them.

What are Biodegradable Bags? 

Compostable produce bags are just like your plastic produce bags, except that they are environmentally friendly and decompose a thousand times quicker than your regular plastic bag. It is also made out of petrochemicals, just like plastic bags, but they are manufactured without extensive polymerization. Biodegradable or compostable produce bags or biodegradable vegetables bags are easily available in the market. They are better than the other alternatives of plastic. Since paper bags are made out of trees, it promotes deforestation, and so does buying paper bags. Meanwhile, cloth bags take longer to decompose than biodegradable bags.

You might be wondering if compostable produce bags or food bags are that good, then why aren’t they used in the market locally? Or why haven’t they been mandated to be used by the government? Well, the downside to these bags is that they are grown as a plant first. Those crops require a huge amount of irrigation and the use of pesticides. Also, if such bags aren’t provided with the oxygen, they may turn into methane, a greenhouse gas. However, biodegradable bags are still one of the best available alternatives in the market.

On the other hand, compostable bags are made entirely of plant products and are generally disposed directly at commercial composting sites.

How to Choose the Best?

There are so many companies in the market today that sells compostable produce bags. Companies like NaturTrust are best at making biodegradable and compostable produce bags. Now in such a diverse market, it is obvious for you to be in utter confusion about choosing the best biodegradable or compostable produce bag dealer. Thus, here’s your ultimate guide for choosing compostable produce bags –

  1. Fully Degradable 

All compostable produce bags can be reused several times. But the best biodegradable bag is the one that is fully decomposable. After several uses, when you toss the bag in the bin, you must be assured that the biodegradable bag will not leave any harmful residue when decomposed.

  1. Eco-Friendly and Environment Savvy 

The final product (biodegradable bags) will never be eco-friendly if made of harmful raw materials. The bag you choose should not be made of synthetic plastics as they contaminate the planet. To ensure that the final biodegradable bag is environmentally savvy and degrades completely, you must learn how they are manufactured. Just using biodegradable bags won’t make you reduce your carbon footprints. It is important to ensure that the produce bag used is based on plant products.


If we take care of Mother Earth, it will take care of us; else, we have no planet B. Thus, switch to biodegradable bags and help save our planet from turning into a plastic dump. When trying to make a change and shifting biodegradable alternatives, trust NaturTrust. We manufacture eco-friendly bags like: apparel bags, courier bags for various utilities, which make us a reliable option among many industries. So, contact us at the earliest, and take your first step to contribute to the environment.


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