Benefits of the Game-changing Bioplastic

Author: NaturTrust Time: 27-08-2021 13:19:00
eco-friendly biodegradable bags

From an early age, we have learned that it is essential to conserve nature. To stop using non-degradable plastic. So, we humans created eco-friendly biodegradable bags.  Biodegradable bags manufacturers have built a material that can eventually be broken into small pieces by bacteria and other microorganisms without leaving any toxic waste behind.

These eco-friendly biodegradable bags have become a game-changer by replacing the traditionally used plastic.

Why is it a game-changing manufacturer?

In the case of India, not only the biodegradable bags manufacturer but also the compostable bags manufacturers play a role in the revolution of saving the environment. The following are the reasons one must change your old plastic bags to eco-friendly ones.

  1. Minimum Wastage

While using a biodegradable bag, or even a compost bag, you will find minimal wastage. These bags break into smaller pieces after disposal. With this, you will not have to worry about finding a recycling station anymore. Traditional plastics gather a total of 13% wastage, but we do not have to worry about this wastage from our biodegradable bags.

  • Decreasing carbon emission

Did you know that traditionally used plastic releases close to 4 tons, i.e. close to 4000 carbon? With eco-friendly biodegradable bags, we can reduce this to 0.8tons, i.e. 800 emissions of carbon. We can see up to a 500% reduction in emissions of carbon from these bags.

  • Petroleum usage

Traditional plastic consumes a high amount of Petroleum in its manufacture. When we turn to statistics, close to 2-3% of Petroleum in the world, devoured by these plastic manufacturing companies.

Biodegradable bags manufacturers came up with bags that utilise a minimal amount of Petroleum. We find about a 60% reduction in the consumption of Petroleum. The decrease in the amount of Petroleum is because of the involvement of natural products in the makeup. The natural ingredients range between corn, orange peels, switchgrass, starch and other small plants, which means there are lower energy requirements for production.

  • Pollution control

Since there is a natural breakdown of the material in these eco-friendly biodegradable bags, we can see an automatic decrease in land and soil pollution. Also, the biodegradable bags manufacturers assure the reduction of chemicals in these bags as they come from natural materials. So they do not pose a chance of soil poisoning or water poisoning either.

  • 3R to 2 R

With eco-friendly biodegradable bags, we find that we no longer have to limit ourselves. We do not have to reduce our intake like we used to anymore. Instead, we should focus upon the other two R’s, i.e. Reuse and Recycling.

Traditional plastic used to be hard to mould with only a few terms of recycling, but biodegradable bags are not like that. Biodegradable bags manufacturers in India, focus on using the oils of plants to their extent. Not only do these plant oil help in reducing the energy required while making the bags but also considerably reduce the recycling energy. They are also renewable. 

  • Natural not toxic

Plastic is traditionally highly toxic and filled with chemicals, which sometimes make them non-reusable. It is more dangerous than a bullet. Thus Eco-friendly biodegradable bags are natural made products that can be safely released into the soil.  Also, they do not release any harmful toxins into the air, which makes them the best.

Bioplastic is the new and trending plastic. In biodegradable bags manufacturers in India like NaturTrust, we observe a growing demand for Eco-friendly biodegradable bags. We can find a variety of bioplastic bags here including, Carrying bags, Shopping bags, garbage disposal bags, vegetable bags and so on.


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