What sustainable packaging offers us?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 26-07-2021 06:47:26

When it comes to packaging, going ‘eco friendly’ can be a rather big stepping stone. This is especially true for sectors like retail and HORECA due the sheer scale of waste these businesses produce from their day to day delivery operations. Sustainability in packaging refers to the process of sourcing or developing and implementing packaging that results in zero or minimal depletion of the natural environment.

Brands achieve sustainability in packaging through various practices such as recycling and upcycling. Both these measures ensure that the life cycle of packaging remarkably increases, thus also reducing the need to burn less fossil fuels and resources.

While recycling and upcycling may sound like attractive propositions, in reality the most feasible step towards sustainability comes in the form of bioplastics. Businesses all over the world are shifting from traditional plastics to bioplastics or ‘green’ plastics, because of their decomposable nature. This step towards sustainability can prove to be highly rewarding for not just businesses but also stakeholders, customers and most importantly the environment.

Endless Economic Benefits

The economic sustainability of green packaging transcends its making cost. While it has been proven a myth that sustainability is costly, it must be noted that there can be several long term economic gains from using bioplastics for packaging. This includes lower cost of disposal and transportation which is otherwise associated with traditional plastic packaging.

Expanding Customer Base and Impressing Stakeholders

“A positive shift can be seen in increasing preference for socially conscious businesses.”

Another economic benefit which may not be realised in the short term is to do with brand equity and goodwill of stakeholders which pays off in the latter years from establishing positive social impact. Business investors and customers are quickly realising that their purchases and investments truly make an impact on the health of the environment, therefore a shift can be seen in their increasing preference for socially conscious businesses that openly adopt eco-friendly practices such as sustainable packaging.

Saving The Planet – one package at a time

It is no exaggeration to say that shifting from eco-friendly packaging truly helps in saving the planet. Producing products made from traditional plastics deplete the natural fossil fuels of our planet endlessly, leaving behind pollution and waste which takes millions of years to completely break down. Moreover, catastrophes like ocean pollution and depletion of the environment can be avoided to a large extent by switching to eco-friendly packaging.

Preserving Life

“There’s no living species that isn’t being negatively impacted by plastic pollution but Eco friendly packaging greatly helps minimise the problems.”

Despite its unmatched advantages, the biggest benefit of switching to sustainable packaging is to do with human life on our planet. Time and again, research has proven the extent of damage traditional plastic packaging is doing to living beings. From affecting fish population, driving animal species to endangerment and even entering the food chain only to be found in unborn fetuses, there’s no living species that isn’t being negatively impacted by plastic pollution. Eco friendly packaging greatly helps minimise this problem as it does not pose a threat to living beings at any stage of its life cycle.

Sustainable packaging enables human beings to experience a much more enriching life on this planet. The eco-friendly composition of such packaging is well aligned with the principles of nature as its life cycle ends in the form of organic byproducts like biomass and water which can be further utilized to start the production cycle anew. When it comes to reinventing packaging, going sustainable is the perfect answer to ‘naturally made’ and ‘scientifically backed’ solutions.


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