How Do Compostable Bags Rescue the Environment?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 24-01-2022 11:01:25
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After causing so much trouble to mother nature, finally, people have started to become conscious; and one great step taken forth is the usage of compostable Bags. When it comes to compostable Bags manufacturers in India, the number is slowly going up every day. But have you ever wondered why we should use these bags and exactly how does it help the environment? When put in comparison to the regular usage of plastic bags, it can be said with full conviction that compostable bags are a healthier option for the betterment of the environment. As the name suggests, these bags are compostable, and hence they do not stay on the earth surface for hundreds of years, unlike plastic.

Severe Impact of Plastic Bags on Environment:

In order to understand exactly how compostable bags, help us sustain the environment, it is important to first analyze what are the severe impacts of plastic bags on mother Earth. One of the most severe consequences of plastic bags is that they stay on the earth surface for a minimum of a thousand years. It automatically contaminates the soil and ensures other toxic material gets seeped into the earth surface very easily.

 Not only that, every year thousands of marine animals face a tragic death as they get strangled with plastic materials which are often disposed of in the interiors of water bodies. 

Finally, the production of plastic bags usually emits a lot of toxic gases, which are detrimental to the atmosphere. Plastic bags are the worst option, and before it gets too late, mankind needs to take up this initiative and replace plastic with compostable bags.

Role Of Compostable Bags in Saving the Environment:

Now that we have discussed the detrimental effects of using plastic regularly, it is also essential that we discuss the role of compostable bags when it comes to saving the environment. It will automatically motivate us to make a better option and choose compostable bags over plastic!

  1. Quality Regulation:

Believe it or not, when it comes to the production of compostable bags, often quite stringent methods are used so that the quality of the compostable bags are good enough. They usually have to go through quite a few governmental screenings before they are approved. Hence a good quality compostable bag automatically favors healthy living of nature because there are no adulterations.

  • Completely Compostable:

As the name would suggest, the biggest benefit of using a compostable bag instead of a plastic bag is that it is truly compostable. Inspired by a compostable back to the recycle bin or the compost bin, there is a 100% chance that in most cases, it gets completely composted and does not harm nature by staying on the surface for long. Not only that but it is also believed that compost can effectively reduce the production and risks imposed by greenhouse gases.

  • Compost Facility:

When it comes to plastic bags, there is often no regulated method that takes care of the disposal and hence there is a lack of management with plastic lying here and there. However, when it comes to compostable bags, these are usually processed in a compost facility that is equipped with the best resources to ensure complete results. Hence, compostable bags do not lie here and there, causing further problems to the environment!

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