Step Towards A Sustainable Future With Our Biodegradable Shopping Bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 25-02-2021 13:20:47
biodegradable shopping bags

The availability of biodegradable shopping bags has increased over the past few years. If you go to a grocery store or a supermarket today, biodegradable bags are everywhere. Well, this is because eco-friendly packaging is not only more sustainable, but it also shows a customer the values of a brand. Besides, many organizations are adopting the Go Green initiative with their packaging to protect the environment.

Here are the reasons why biodegradable shopping bags are the need of the century:

We, at NaturTrust, as one of the most promising biodegradable shopping bags manufacturers, focus on green packaging as it is the need of the hour. With growing environmental awareness among our customers and their demands for eco-friendly products, we are happy to make Earth a better place with one biodegradable bag at a time.

According to various studies, 78% of shoppers prefer recycled packaging products. Plus, the global market value of biodegradable grocery bags is estimated to be 12.1 billion U.S dollars by 2025. Do you know that plastic bags are destroying marine life to the point of extinction? Even after knowing that we use plastic bags every day, we throw them away without caring much. So, we must put an end to our plastic bag use, think about their harsh environmental impact, and choose Green packaging for a better future.

Biodegradable shopping bags are more than just any other eco-friendly product in the market. They are not only less toxic and more durable, but they are reusable too. Plus, they are 100% safe for human beings, animals, and even plants. Moreover, once you start using eco-friendly packaging products, they are good for the health & well-being of your family & all your loved ones.

Why buy our biodegradable shopping bags at NaturTrust’s online store:

Biodegradable carrier bags are better than synthetic plastic bags that are toxic and made with harmful chemicals. Therefore, NaturTrust brings you eco-friendly shopping bags made with materials such as corn starch, PBAT, & PLA, which are easily digested by nature. Our compostable bags are non-toxic, don’t contain Phthalate or Bisphenol A(BPA), & are free of GMO material. Moreover, the benefit of using biodegradable shopping bags doesn’t end here.

Take a look at the advantages of saying yes to our biodegradable shopping bags:

Biodegradable shopping bags manufacturers like us at NaturTrust, believe in following regional laws and regulations. Therefore, to provide our customers with top-quality products, each bag goes to quality check in a dedicated QC lab before customers buy it. Take a look at other features of our biodegradable shopping bags:

  • Availability and variety:

Our biodegradable shopping bags are available in various sizes, designs, forms ( W-cut and U-Cut), prints, and several industries use them. They are available in our online store as individual bags and in roll forms. Today, our Biodegradable carrier bags are gaining popularity in several sectors such as retail, food, healthcare, event management, and several online shopping stores & supermarkets.

  • Dependable and long-lasting :

Wemake it a priority to make these eco-friendly shopping bags tear-resistant. We also ensure that these bags are durable enough, flexible, water-resistant, and have a long shelf life. These compostable bags are elastic and strong and can hold 1-20 kilograms. Plus, you can reuse them without any harm.

  • Fashionable :

Our biodegradable shopping bags are trendy and fashionable too, helping you make a fashion statement along with being environmentally-conscious. The best thing is, you can choose from our collection of countless bags. Just pick one that you like most. Lastly, at NaturTrust, You can customise our washable and lightweight shopping bags as per your requirement. Take a step towards a better future with us today!


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