How is NaturTrust helping thousands of lives by manufacturing biodegradable products?

Author: NaturTrust Time: 06-02-2021 11:00:45

An extension of the Holostik group renowned for revolutionizing counterfeiting solutions, NaturTrust has taken a step forward in the same spirit by creating sustainable bio compostable plastic products. These biodegradable products are making the world a better, cleaner, and greener place to live. As per the findings of the research, greater than eighteen trillion tonnes of plastic have been produced to date, and eighteen billion pounds of this ubiquitous material has been pumped into the world’s oceans. Bioplastics have emerged as a panacea to the menace of traditional plastics.

NaturTrust brings you a range of bespoke and customizable biodegradable products designed to be technically sound and practically usable for their valued customers. Be it biodegradable bags or PPE kits; there is something to cater to every need of almost every industry. Bioplastics manufactured by NaturTrust have contributed to improving flora and fauna considerably by reducing the carbon footprint. Made by extracting sugar from plant crops like sugarcane and corn, which can be converted into polylactic acids (PLAs) or polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) curated from microorganisms, they are the face of food packaging or the healthcare industry, respectively.

Traditionally, 8% of the world’s petroleum reserves are used for making plastics. Bioplastics are seen as a proponent of change because they will contribute lesser to the carbon in the atmosphere on degradation. They will just be returning the carbon sucked by plants while growing instead of releasing the carbon that had existed trapped underground in the petroleum oil. A solid supporting argument in the favor of bioplastics is the reduction in carbon footprint, which works wonders for the environment. This has led to a better, cleaner environment with the promise of a safer and greener tomorrow. Happy consumers, happy environment!

Factors that set apart NaturTrust from other bioplastic manufacturers:

  1. NaturTrust USP and history: An offshoot of the Holostik Group, NaturTrust stands by the vision of utilizing innovative technology to create world-class, certified, biodegradable, compostable, cost-competitive alternatives for industries such as retail, HORECA, fashion, health, and e-commerce. Let’s take you through the journey of the Holostik group in a nutshell. Since its inception in 1978, the firm has seen a rollercoaster of growth and new heights with many offshoots. Entrenched in a legacy of 40+ years, with a global network of 10,000+ customer base, it doesn’t fail to deliver, and NaturTrust revels in its proud legacy.
  2. High quality, product certification: NaturTrust believes in delivering high-quality biodegradable products that are thoroughly checked across all levels of production processes. All products that leave the production line are fully certified to meet all the norms & regulatory compliances worldwide. Presenting a glimpse of the product certifications that are followed across the globe,
  3. USA/Canada: The applicable standard for BPI is ASTM D 6400. Since 2017 DIN CERTCO cooperates with the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).
  4. Europe: The standard in Europe for industrial composability is EN 13432.
  5. Australia/ New Zealand: The ABA launched Australian Standard 4736-2006 for compostable and biodegradable plastics.
  6. India and the rest of the world: For industrial composability, the standards ISO 17088 is be applied if these countries have harmonized the ISO standards.
  1. Customization and best in class raw material: At NaturTrust, we understand the ubiquitous needs and bespoke requirements of our valued customers. Hence we provide customized products in the required size, color, frequency, printing, and pattern. We use imported and certified compostable raw materials to make these made to order products and even the a la carte’ ones.

NaturTrust delivers on many grounds seamlessly, be it the fully transparent process of the supply chain tracking of shipped products or the high standard machinery and equipment. Whenever you order from NaturTrust, you can be assured of the best-in-class competitive product pricing and less lead time with on-demand delivery and zilch supplies issues. When it comes to bioplastics, choose the best!


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