5 things to consider before purchasing plastic bags

Author: NaturTrust Time: 04-02-2021 13:00:38

So you have finally put together your dream business, be it baking and selling fresh banoffee pies or fresh off the streets of Milan haute couture! Whatever be your niche, good, durable packaging is the pulse of every business that sells tangible products. Your first thought would be probably to invest in the trusted, pliable plastic bags. But on second thoughts you might decide against it, thinking about its environmental repercussions. Stop right there folks, as we at NaturTrust, bring to you a range of compostable products that do the job well without spelling havoc on Mother Nature.

Truly a friend of nature, you can count on us for all your compostable product deliverables and packaging needs. Ranging from bags, cups, straws, etc. we offer a multitude of compostable packaging options. Whether you are in the catering business and need sustainable tableware and cutlery, NaturTrust is your amigo! We realize the dilemma faced while buying the perfect plastic bag that is durable yet compostable for your business. Presenting a list of five factors that you must consider before zeroing on that perfect repository for your bespoke goods.

  1. Should resonate with the purpose of the bag: Keeping in mind the purpose of the bag is very important before zeroing in on the perfect receptacle for your a la carte’ product. If a garbage liner bag is what you are looking for, a carry bag won’t serve the purpose.
  2. Compostability: In the current scenario, packaging that is environmentally sustainable is the need of the hour. NaturTrust provides a range of bio compostable bags such as garbage bags, carry bags, animal waste bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, laundry bags, apparel bags, etc. All your carrying needs in one sorted category of bags that do the job well without being a burden on the environment.
  3. Should be of the right size: You can’t carry watermelons in a minuscule lemon bag! The bag that you choose should not only be in tandem with its purpose, compostable but also of the right size. It should be large enough to suit the customers’ needs and handy enough to ensure easy portability.
  4. Bag aesthetics: Presentation matters as much as substance. This age-old adage applies to your choice of carry bags as well. Your business can receive an extra edge with the right packaging that is not only resilient but also of the right color and print.
  5. Customizability: The bags should be customizable to your bespoke needs and we at NaturTrust totally get your unique needs. With a plethora of industry-wise compostable packaging material that is not only durable but also customizable as per the need of an individual customer, we serve what we promise!

As you get ready to finally seal the deal with your chosen carrying receptacle, may we suggest one pertinent factor to consider? Last but not the least, the economy of the purchase matters too! For bigger profit margins, choose biodegradable and compostable bags from NaturTrust that are not only lightweight and sturdy but also light on your pocket! So if you are a coffee brewing firm, make the switch to compostable cups for serving your brews and biodegradable straws to sip them with. Looking for packaging to pack that extra donut in? Try biodegradable plastic bowls to do the trick. Whether you are in retail or in the healthcare industry, there is something for everyone. Achieve your zero-waste goals with a range of custom made goods to suit your bespoke needs today.


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