What are the advantages of sourcing biodegradable and compostable products from an Indian supplier?

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Sourcing is one of the major steps towards doing business, and when it comes to choosing the right suppliers for sourcing biodegradable and compostable products, sourcing from Indian suppliers has several advantages. From labour resources to smooth communication to concern for the environment, Indian suppliers bring a plethora of benefits. While choosing a supplier to source biodegradable and compostable products, factors like cost, credibility, and geopolitical ties play a major role in the decision-making process.

There are several advantages of sourcing biodegradable and compostable products from an Indian supplier:

Lesser cost

Indian suppliers’ source at a lesser cost because labour cost is cheaper in India as compared to the Western nations. In fact, India’s labour cost is lower than that of China. Therefore, whenever you question yourself – how much will the biodegradable compostable products cost me, know that in India they will cost you lesser than the rest of the world. What is also important to note here, is that even though labour costs are lesser, workers are not exploited or underpaid. Suppliers which follow government regulations and practice the right employment and promotion policies also source the biodegradable and compostable products at cheaper prices. Therefore, over the years India has evolved as a low-cost manufacturing destination for sourcing various types of biodegradable and compostable products, be it biodegradable products for restaurants, biodegradable products for cafes, or biodegradable food bags in bulk.

Quality Equipment

Indian suppliers have state-of-the-art machinery and produce and source enhanced quality goods using them. Over the years, the production standards of Indian suppliers have improved to a great extent owing to the continuous infrastructure development as well as an emphasis on procuring and manufacturing the right machinery to produce the supplies. Suppliers across various products, be it compostable carry bag manufacturers, ecofriendly compostable bag manufacturers, or biodegradable plastic carry bag manufacturers, have increasingly adopted technological innovation for a greener future.

Large labour resource

India has a huge number of engineers who are trained in advanced operational techniques. It also has a huge labour force across all sectors and industries which makes it easy to get the right persons for the job. Thus, Indian suppliers can hire and produce quality biodegradable and compostable products.

Therefore, every time you wonder – how will sourcing biodegradable products benefit me, be assured that when you source them from India, your products are manufactured and supplied by the best minds.

Great care and transparency

Given their legacy business and commitment towards customers, Indian suppliers take the utmost care to deliver their best. The production operations in India are completely regulated and transparent. Whether you source for eco-friendly courier bag packaging or source from biobased bag manufacturers, Indian supply operations are completely transparent.

Lesser import tariffs

Given the ongoing tensions between several countries and the import tariffs imposed by the United States on China-made products, India today has serious trade advantages over China. Products like cheap compostable bags from natural bag manufacturers provide huge cost benefits. The cost benefits associated with sourcing quality biodegradable and compostable products from Indian suppliers reduces the overall cost of the business.

Smooth communication

Many Indian suppliers and the Indian workforce are fluent in English. This gives a major advantage because the communication between the suppliers and the customers becomes extremely easy. Due to the ease in communication, Indian suppliers are able to fasten the sourcing process and perform it seamlessly.

Stringent export regulations

India has stringent export regulations that make sure that only authorised dealers are able to do trade. This gives a complete assurance that only suppliers who have the requisite certifications and qualifications would be doing the sourcing.

Therefore, owing to these advantages in sourcing biodegradable and compostable products, Indian suppliers have emerged as reliable and beneficial sourcing suppliers, equipped with technology and zeal for a greener future.

Strategic location

Given that India has a strategic location with multiple ports along with road and railway infrastructure throughout the country, Indian suppliers are able to transport goods with ease, and within time.

Given the above advantages, it is extremely beneficial to source biodegradable and compostable products from an Indian supplier.


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