Sourcing tips to identify quality biodegradable and compostable product-suppliers

Author: NaturTrust Time: 10-12-2020 12:39:27

Given the constant evolution of production requirements, it has become increasingly challenging to find the right kind of suppliers. For companies working with sustainable products and practices, it becomes even more challenging to identify quality biodegradable and compostable product-suppliers. Be it the lack of awareness among suppliers towards biodegradable products or the lack of authenticity of products, sourcing quality biodegradable, and compostable products is a challenge.

Problems businesses and distributors face in identifying the right sourcing partner

Businesses and distributors face multiple problems while sourcing for quality biodegradable and compostable products. It is challenging to find long-term suppliers who provide the needed goods continuously and smoothly over a long period of time. The required quality material is also not readily available, neither is information about the inventory status accessible.

In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to have guidelines on sourcing, which would help identify and work with the right sourcing partners.

Tips on improving the sourcing process

Given how important the sourcing process is, it becomes imperative to perform it in an informed and planned manner. Read and utilize the tips below to improve your sourcing process:


The right certification for products is very important to look at. If the product is not compliant with the local rules and regulations, it can create huge problems in terms of penalties and business loss. To ensure that the product is certified as per local compliances, always ask for product-specific certificate copy. Also, check the certification body responsible for providing certificates in that region. Check what is the standard in which the product is certified (Industrial Compostable, Home Compostable, Marine Compostable) and also whether the supplier is a trader or a manufacturer for that product. It is better to have a direct manufacturer as a supplier who can provide a good deal.

Geopolitical climate

The geopolitical climate plays a very important role in terms of delivering goods from one place to another and it becomes even more critical if it is an overseas deal. The cost can drastically go up and down from place to place. Hence, search for a region or a country for potential where there is a good network of logistics and check the country’s infrastructure. The better the infrastructure, the better the ability t deliver goods. There can be multiple seaport options so that each part of the country can be covered in lesser time.

Also, search for countries where labour cost is cheaper since will directly affect product costing.

Pandemics, labour tensions, or transportation of overseas resources can prove to be challenging to attain deliveries from your sourcing partner. Therefore, pre-analyse your supply chain and be prepared for all circumstances.

Financial stability

For long-term trade relations, it is very important to collaborate with someone who has the power to grow along with you. It is very risky to engage with a supplier who is not having a financial backup to sustain in the market. Always, check the company’s history of the business. The company should always be willing to invest in resources to grow along with you. Also, check the company’s ownership and team strength. It gives an overall picture of whether the team is capable enough of growing the business.

A Thomasnet survey found that nearly 50 percent of buyers have worked with a supplier that went bankrupt unexpectedly. Therefore, always check the financial stability of your sourcing-partner from beforehand.

Product info

Analyse detailed product descriptions and related info to see if the sourcing partners have the right products for your application. Study the product offerings along with sizes and variations, check if the products are customized as per need like based on color, printing, sizes, pattern style, etc. Check the compostability and certification of all the required products. The product should be certified based on regional laws. Also, check if the supplier can provide physical samples to see the texture of the material along with the look and feel of the product.


Pre-determine the flexibility of the supplier with respect to the number of supplies you need, be it a small quantity or a series of high-volume orders. The supplier should always be ready to take huge volume orders and must have the capability to process the order throughout. Also, look for the manufacturing plant of the supplier, it gives a picture of the overall situation of the supplier’s capabilities. Also, check the systems and processes that the supplier follows along with how an order is processed from start to end. Also always track the order and manage the steps properly.

Inventory status

Having information about the supplier’s inventory is advantageous. Ask for their inventory status to assess their ability to provide what you need when you need it. Check if the supplier is having any system and processes to track the inventory, and further, visit the manufacturing plant of the supplier to see the arrangements on the inventory side. Also, verify if the inventories’ storage is proper and that they follow necessary guidelines under factory rules.

Commitment to customer service

Analyse the customer service provided by each potential supplier. Understand the contract language and the return policy deeply. Always ask for a trade agreement to keep all the things transparent, check the system on customer complaints, and how the mistakes are rectified. Check if there is any money-back guarantee and what the supplier will do if he delivers the wrong and faulty products.

Lead time

Ask for the lead-time projections and on-time delivery rates in advance, do the research, and calculate what will be the overall lead time from the supplier’s place up to your place. Check with the supplier on how many goods can be delivered from the supplier’s manufacturing unit to the destination. Always ask for how the supplier can help with export documentation and overall logistics.

Product range

Take into account the production capabilities of the manufacturer to find the right fit for the business. Check if the supplier provides all the products that you need.

NaturTrust meets all these requirements and more. We bring to you the most reliable, sustainable, and cost-friendly supplies. With world-class certification, state of the house infrastructure, innovative technologies, and the ongoing legacy of the Holostik group, our financial stability and inventory status are completely credible.

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